Case Studies – ConstructionSkills

The requirement

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) sets and administers the HS&E test for staff working in construction. To support the tests CITB also publishes training material for Operatives and Specialists as well as for Managers and Professionals. When CITB approached Imagitech the training material was available in book format and as a CD ROM. All training material needed updating within a short period of time.

CITB Operatives & Specialists, Managers & Professionals HS&E test app for iOS and Android

Using Learn2® to deliver the solution

Imagitech assisted CITB with the development of a completely new set of training DVD ROMs in a very short period of time and whilst keeping to a fixed and limited budget. The delivery of the content and interactive experience through the DVD ROMs is based on Imagitech’s code base using the Learn2® as the underlying technology. Working closely with CITB this was tailored to CITB’s specific needs, and sufficient copies were delivered within time and budget.

CITB Operatives & Specialists, Managers & Professionals HS&E test app for iOS and Android

Downloads and Apps

Following the success of the new DVD ROM products CITB wished to distribute the material through exclusively digital channels – including downloads for PCs and Apps – for iOS and Android.

Imagitech adapted the existing code base used on the DVD ROM to create a secure and manageable download. In addition, brand new apps were developed both – for iOS and Android.

Since launch the CITB apps have proven to be very successful and appreciated – they have been consistently in the top 10 in the education category of the Apple and Google Play stores.

Ongoing commitment

All products – DVD ROM, downloads, apps – are based on Imagitech’s unique approach to deliver learning material: Learn2® Use of this technology allowed Imagitech to deliver the solutions to CITB needs within budget, within ambitious timescales and to very stringent quality requirements.

Learn2® coupled with Imagitech’s world class development and design services, backed up by ongoing support and updating services ensures that your solutions are delivered with the minimum hassle, within a short period of time and to budget – and kept up to date with the necessary end user support.