Imagitech offers the development of exam preparation and learning software systems, backed up by ongoing support and updating services. We deploy our products to a wide range of platforms: PC, Web, Tablets and Smart Phones – and we help with distribution through production of CD ROMs / DVD ROMs, digital rights management (DRM), web hosting and app store management.

Strategy & planning

Imagitech’s extensive experience in developing strategies for product development and exploitation helps you to turn your strategic goal into a reality.

We help by listening to your needs and putting forward practical and creative solutions adapted to your specific circumstances, constraints and goals.

Such solutions may involve developing software from scratch or leveraging our extensive in-house library of tried and tested code.

Design & creativity

Turning your plans into reality requires careful design – and thinking out of the box. Imagitech has the right mix of people to achieve this; through careful process analysis, user interface design, and robust development.

The combination of these skills allows Imagitech to create world beating products as shown in our case studies – with millions of users worldwide.

Imagitech will help you achieve your goals.

Implementation & updates

This step is as critical as those that precede it: Delivery of the product within the pre-set timescale and budget; ongoing end user support; keeping the product up to date – content, technology and look; assisting with reporting, documentation, marketing and sales.

Imagitech delivers against the plan agreed at the beginning of the project to ensure you achieve your strategic objectives.

As shown time and time again: The result of Imagitech’s efforts are stable

and attractive products, based on proven and robust technology backed up by flexible and world class customer service, all delivered within timescales and to budget.

Test, revision and quiz apps – powered by Learn2®

Working with us means

  • Completing projects on time and within budget
  • Having a partner that analyses and understands processes, content and requirements very quickly and turns your requirements into a reality
  • Collaborating with a trustworthy partner with a track-record stretching over 17 years that looks for long term mutual benefits

Why Learn2®?

  1. Robust: Based on an approach used by millions of users
  2. Fast: Native implementation for iOS and Android
  3. Flexible: Data and logic are separated, maintaining data requires no changes to app
  4. Relevant: Mock tests and marking schemes are adapted to your needs
  5. Attractive: In-house design team ensures your apps are easy to use and attractive to look at – important in a competitive environment.

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